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What is a Remote CCTV Monitoring Centre?

A remote CCTV monitoring centre is a dedicated surveillance facility protecting businesses, assets and homes by monitoring images from cameras installed anywhere in or around a property and reacting accordingly with the Police and other response services nationwide.

The monitoring centre is usually highly secure with access gained through an air lock door entry system and is often windowless to protect the security personnel within. All the monitoring operators are highly trained and are thoroughly vetted and all carry an Security Industry Approved License.

Along with cameras situated around the property, motion detection devices are also positioned in appropriate locations. When an intruder breaches a property, these detectors are triggered sending a short video clip of the activation to the monitoring centre. Trained operators verify the alarm and if it is established to be an intruder an audio warning will be issued via an onsite PA system ordering the offender to leave premises immediately. The Key Holders and Police will then be alerted and asked to attend the premises. This is usually enough to deter any determined intruder.

Any incidents are carefully logged in a secure web-based system and a full report with images are sent to the site owner/ manager, so they can see exactly what took place and the appropriate action was taken.

Alarm receiving centres are manned 24 hours a day, each day of the year ensuring your property and assets are continuously protected.

Round-the-clock monitoring of your sites can help you manage a variety of risks.

• Attacks on vulnerable or lone workers

• Monitoring shift workers

• Burglary, vandalism and armed threats

• Stock damage and theft

• Health and Safety compliance

• Theft from a construction site

• Staff fraud

• Out-of-hours technical issues relating to your security equipment

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