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What are the benefits of Construction Site CCTV?

Theft prevention- Having security cameras around your building site will help prevent intruders and potential thefts.

Workforce Efficiency- As well as increased security the presence of security cameras may increase the productivity of your work force. Cameras can also be used as evidence of accidents and settle disputes between contractors and inspectors.

Damage- Cameras on a construction site are much more prone to damage due to the use of heavy machinery and building materials.

Severe weather- Our great British weather can be very unpredictable. Security cameras may be damaged by high winds, flying debris and even torrential rain.

Theft & Vandalism- CCTV cameras on unmanned construction sites are prone to theft or vandalism but having a secondary back up system in place this can help protect the equipment and site from future thefts.

Easy to install- Lots of today's security cameras are wireless which means that there’s really no limit as to where the cameras can be positioned.

Questions for site managers to consider.

Having a monitored CCTV system is a valuable addition to your building site but there are other things to consider before selecting the right system for your needs.

Consider what may be your sites must important security threat?

Have there been any thefts on your sites in the past? If so, what type and where?

Has there ever been a time when you wished you’d have caught an incident on video?

Is there any security in place now?

Does the surrounding neighbourhood add to your security concerns?

Construction sites located in industrial areas are more prone to theft than if located in a busy neighbourhood.

 Construction CCTV Camera set up advice

We highly recommend that you install fixed CCTV cameras overlooking your construction supplies and storage spaces, particularly if you leave tools on site overnight.

Ensure that cameras are installed all around the perimeter of your building site to deter potential thieves and vandals.

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