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Remote CCTV Monitoring

A watchful eye over your property 24/7


Your current CCTV and security system is assessed if it is comprehensive enough and compatible we can connect it to our 24/7 CCTV monitoring station. If your current system is not suitable, our team designs a system that covers all areas of your site. An experienced installer installs and tests the system fully.

Once live our remote security control team begin 24/7 monitoring of your site. The cameras are fitted along with sensors, so are activated when there is movement. Images are transmitted in live time to our control staff. Our experienced security team assess the situation immediately.

If necessary, our operator issues an audible warning. This is usually enough for a thief or vandal to leave the premises immediately. Our operator immediately contacts the police and key-holder, so the site can be physically visited and checked. The images are saved for use as video evidence.




Key benefits of our remote CCTV monitoring service

  • No need to pay for an onsite security team – For most firms this represents a huge cost saving. You do not have to pay employee tax, NI payments, holiday pay, so the savings for each member of staff you no longer need are significant.
  • Access to the latest security technology – When new technology that could be used to make your site even more secure becomes available, we tell you about it and give you the option to upgrade.
  • No need to worry about staff training – Our staff are trained on an ongoing basis. We have a policy of constant improvement.
  • Fully vetted and experienced security staff – All staff are fully vetted. In addition, they are all SIA registered and most have been working in security control centres for many years, so are very experienced.
  • True 24/7 coverage – We have a big team so there is no downtime because of staff sickness.
  • An instant response at all times – Our staff are never out on patrol so nothing is missed. Every incident is responded to immediately.
  • Truly all-inclusive fees – Unlike some other firms, we offer truly inclusive pricing. You will not find yourself landed with additional bills for false alarm etc.
  • Truly fair pricing – How much you pay depends on the complexity of your site and system and how many points we have to monitor. If you have a complex site with lots of access points etc, you pay a bit more than a firm with a small or simple site to monitor.

Our Hassle-Free CCTV Monitoring Transfer Service

We know that moving your CCTV monitoring to another provider can be a pain. Our hassle-free transfer service does exactly what it says – we’ll do everything to make transferring your CCTV monitoring to Empress Connect smooth and painless.

We can take over most types of systems and equipment with a view to saving you money, time and effort.

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