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Lone Worker

Identicom Lone Worker Device 


Deployed by more than 135,000 lone workers worldwide.                 

The market-leading Identicom lone worker device is the most widely used dedicated device of its kind in the United Kingdom. Identicom is used by a wide-range of lone workers to reduce risks to their personal safety as they go about their daily working lives.



lone worker




End-to-end safety solution for all lone workers

The Empress Identicom solution uses GSM technology to enable workers to raise an alarm wherever they are, indoors or outdoors. Disguised as a standard identity card holder, Identicom enables staff to discretely alert our remote monitoring station without putting themselves at further risk of attack.

Our trained staff will listen to and record the incident and take proportionate and immediate action, including alerting the police.

Empress Identicom is a highly flexible solution to protect workers from abuse, attack or injury while minimising the risk of false alarm. It can incorporate ‘Man-Down’, with the added capability to automatically raise an alert if the user is incapacitated.

Empress Identicom helps employers to comply with Health and Safety regulations and gives employees greater peace of mind. This can lead to higher productivity through reduced work-related stress and absenteeism.

It is an ideal safety solution for all sectors of business – for example:

  • Healthcare Safety
  • Local government
  • Retail
  • Train operators
  • Property managers
  • Petrol forecourts
  • Utility providers
  • Bus/tram operators  



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