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Construction Site CCTV

Construction sites are easy targets for the opportunist thief; the high value of plant and equipment can lead to quick and easy profit for the successful thief. Depending on locality, each site will have its own issues of concern.

Construction sites are subject to several threats, against which security should be applied by the site operator. These include theft, vandalism and deliberate damage and terrorism.

Theft is common. The high value of construction plant and materials and the nature of a construction site, with its constant change and movement, make this crime tempting for the opportunistic, as well as the carefully planned crime.

Vandalism of site equipment and plant is also a serious threat both during and after completion of construction.

Building and construction sites provide a security challenge due to their constant change; both physically in the value and accessibility of the property they contain, and the frequent access needed by a wide variety of outside contractors.

As every construction site will differ in terms of scale, location and duration of work the site security needs to be reactive and flexible. A bespoke CCTV system provided by Empress Connect is the ideal solution.


How It Works

We don't aim to cover every inch of the site but instead concentrate on those areas likely to be broken into, supplying enough cameras and outside motion detectors to cover the main gate, site accommodation, fuel bowser, plant equipment etc.

The CCTV cameras are always running during the day, available to be watched remotely and always recording. The outside detectors come on automatically when the site closes. When someone walks into the site and passes one of the detectors, an email is automatically sent to our CCTV remote monitoring station with live CCTV footage of the incident.


If the footage contains an image of a person, our 24-hour central monitoring station will use the onsite PA system to warn off the intruder and call the police/keyholder.

The next day, the site manager will be emailed a report detailing the previous night`s break-in along with images of the incident.

Our CCTV systems are supplied with battery back-up and 3g internet, meaning no overnight power is required - making them ideal for new site start-ups and demolition sites with limited facilities.


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Empress Connect CCTV systems can be rented on a weekly basis or for longer-term sites, we offer the flexibility to purchase the system, even moving it from a completed build to a new site, commissioning it in a matter of hours